We Produce:

* True frescoes breaks (on tense as a finished picture) Each image is hand painted by us!
*Frescoes demolitions - and painted - Special glue wallpaper using which is removable)
*Trompe-l'œil, and S/Graffito murals ....
* Doors and furniture painted or decorate ornamental, gilding and modern designs.
* Project workers like crest, logos and are willing to implement the right.
*For field service, we are happy to make you an offer. Thank you

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Fine Arts Gallery

Modern and classic art.

- Real Strappo Frescoes, each Painting is handmade by us!
- Frescoes and Paintings also as Upholstery (Special detachable glue)
- Tromple Oeil, Murales, Sgraffitis, Murales and Portraits….
- Painted or decorated doors and furniture, gilding on them also on project paintings.
- Ornamental decorations and modern creations.
-Projects for work on request, custom logos.
- The technique of the tearing of frescoes is our primary work, both on canvas as a painting or on the wall also as tore to tapestry.
- Trompl oeil, Acrylics, portraitist and on request we paint your wishes.

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The Fresco Technique

Art Gallery

Our Products

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